Citizen Science Tackles Invasive Species Webinar

This webinar is hosted by Green Teacher and co-sponsored by the National Environmental Education Foundation in conjunction with EE Week.

From creeping vines to munching beetles to pinching crabs, invasive species are on the move. Monitoring the spread and mitigating the impacts invasive species wreak can be daunting tasks for scientists and managers. They need classrooms and communities to help. As students and community members contribute observations and expertise to invasive species citizen science efforts, they learn about local ecosystems, engage in science practices and use 21st century skills like collaboration and problem solving. In this webinar, Christine Voyer shares resources and the steps needed to help engage and Jeff introduces EE Week, including examples of how the National Environmental Education Foundation has helped schools and the public connect to citizen science projects and invasive species monitoring across the US.

Christine Voyer is Science Education Program Manager for the Vital Signs program at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute. She supports educators through professional development and curriculum development, and works with students and citizens on the ground and through the program’s website. Through Vital Signs, she is excited to help participants experience the fun, creativity, and critical importance of science. She is driven by a commitment to provide relevant and authentic experiences that inspire and empower learners to make a difference in the world. She has a Bachelor of Science in Natural Resource Management and Master of Arts in Teaching, both from Cornell University, and a background in science research and teaching.  Jeff Chandler is the Education Program Associate for the National Environmental Education Foundation in Washington, DC.

Watch the Webinar Recording: