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NEEF Launches NPLD Promotional Toolkit in Spanish

The National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF) is pleased to announce it is now offering the National Public Lands Day (NPLD) Site Manger Promotional Toolkit in Spanish. The toolkit offers site managers photos, shareable graphics, tips, social media blurbs and promotional language to publicize their events.

"We are really excited to have these tools available to Spanish speakers," said Tony Richardson, program officer for public lands engagement at NEEF. "Many of our events are bilingual, and these tools will enable site managers to reach larger audiences."

Many of NEEF's educational materials are in Spanish, but this is the first time NPLD tools have been made available. With NPLD happening across the country on September 22, site managers still have time to set up volunteer events in their area.

The project is a collaboration between NEEF, the US Forest Service and Corazón Latino to encourage NPLD participation within the Spanish-speaking communities. "We are excited that these resources are available to help create meaningful engagement and access for communities of color to our nation's public lands," said Felipe Benítez, executive director of Corazón Latino. "By encouraging diverse families to enjoy and care for our public lands, we are fostering a new generation of land and natural resource stewards."