NEEF and the Green Sports Alliance Sign an MOU to Engage Sports Fans

On May 7, 2015, The Green Sports Alliance and NEEF signed a Memorandum of Understanding to coordinate efforts aimed at furthering the environmental knowledge of sports fans across the country, extending fans’ engagement and inspiring environmental actions in daily life.

The Green Sports Alliance and NEEF are joining forces to develop a public awareness campaign geared for sports audiences that will include public service announcements, social media outreach and a range of fan engagement strategies accomplished through technology platforms. The goal is for fans to take environmental tips they get on game day home with them to use in their daily lives. In this way people will discover that even small steps, taken together, can create large-scale change.

Leagues and teams have already come a long way in creating sustainability in their operations and supply chains. By connecting with fans, we all are in a position to engage Americans from all walks of life to support our environment in ways nothing else can.

About the Green Sports Alliance

The Green Sports Alliance harnesses the cultural and market influence of sports to promote healthy, sustainable communities where we live and play. GSA does so by inspiring sports leagues, teams, venues, their partners and millions of fans to embrace renewable energy, healthy food, waste reduction and recycling, water conservation, species preservation, alternative transportation, use of safer cleaning products, and other environmentally preferable practices.