Greening STEM in a Classroom Setting
Feb 06, 2023 / by ASkalmusky
Young girl at desk holding pencil looking beyond frame at teacher

NEEF and the Frost Museum of Science discuss strategies for implementing Greening STEM in a formal classroom setting. The educators at Frost partnered with NEEF to introduce several Greening STEM activities to Miami-Dade County middle school STEM teachers during a professional development workshop. The Frost team provides an overview of three biodiversity resources that were developed for implementation in virtual classrooms.

Speakers include:

  • Angela Colbert, PhD, Knight VP of Education, Frost Science, will discuss collaborative strategies for developing and implementing Greening STEM activities.
  • Daniella Orihuela, MPH, Director of Educational Programs, Frost Science, will give an overview of the Biodiversity Through a Greening STEM Lens series of activities. 

Accompanying Activities:

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