Pollinator Backyard Activity Guide
Feb 01, 2016 / by admin
Pollinator Activity Guide

Did you know that over 75% of all plants need pollinators? That means much of the food we get from plants relies on pollinators, too. Apples, almonds, pumpkins, and even chocolate (from cocoa beans) are all products of pollination!

Young explorers can follow the activities on this pollinator worksheet to monitor what types of pollinators they see at school, camp, or at home and learn how to attract more pollinators. By recording the date at the top of the page, students can check in on the flowers on different days to see if they find something new! More information about pollinators can be found by visiting the Pollinator Partnership.

For a fun extension to the activity guide, have students use their observations to design and draw flowers they think pollinators would like on the blank back of the worksheet. Remember to make them colorful to catch the eye of a pollinator! You can find out which colors certain pollinators like best here.

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