Rooted in Math Educator Toolkit
Mar 29, 2016 / by admin
Nautilus shell spiral

Concepts of math in and of themselves might seem far removed from the natural world—created to explain and evaluate concrete principles in a way that relies on certainties and hard facts. However, when you take a closer look at the world and the way we study and interact with it, you may be surprised to discover that much of what we knw about the environment is "rooted in math."

Mathematics allows us to analyze current conditions within an environment, make predictions about future trends, and respond in ways that surpass what is possible through simple observation. When looked at in the context of the other STEM subjects (science, technology, and engineering), mathematics becomes a necessary tool in the practice of these fields, enabling the collection and comparison of scientific data that then informs the technology and engineering design of the future.

In this educator toolkit, you’ll find lesson plans, activity ideas, and informational resources all freely available to help you continue to bridge the gap between mathematics and the natural world.

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