Speedy Sun Relay Race
Feb 05, 2023 / by ASkalmusky
Kids running outdoors in a line towards the camera smiling

The Speedy Sun Relay Race activity is designed for grades 3-5.

Interested in the SunWise Tool Kit but not sure what to expect? Check out this sample activity. It includes educator and student pages that guide both the leader and the participant through the material--no prior knowledge necessary! 

In the Speedy Sun Relay Race Activity, one student in your group will be the "model." The model's job is to dress in SunWise clothes as fast as possible with the help of the team. Across the field will be a pile of clothes. Each team member, besides the model, will take turns running to the pile, selecting one sun-safe item, and running it back to the model. The first team to have a completely SunWise model is the winner!

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