What is Biodiversity? Activity Guide
May 18, 2016 / by admin
Ant on mushroom

The term "biodiversity" refers to the variety of animals, plants, and habitats found on our planet. Biodiversity can be found everywhere, from your backyard to a National Park, and it plays an important role in maintaining healthy ecosystems.

Biodiversity also plays a key role in human health—from the food we eat and the medicine we take to the public lands that improve our mental and physical well-being. However, invasive species are a threat to biodiversity everywhere by out-competing native plants for the resources they need to survive.

This activity guide teaches students about the important role biodiversity plays in the well-being of people and the planet. In addition to an outdoor scavenger hunt activity, it also contains citizen science resources to explore.

Download the What is Biodiversity? Activity Guide using the link below.

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