2017 Every Day Event Grantees

Our nation’s public lands are places where we picnic, play ball, fish, fly kites, pull weeds, and plant seeds. Our public lands should be safe places of natural beauty where everyone can go to lend a hand, observe nature, and enjoy life. With generous support from Toyota Motor North America, NEEF offers Every Day Event Grants to public land organizations, or Friends Groups,to engage their community on a public land site.

Get Dirty! Ambassador Program

Get Dirty! Ambassador


am·bas·sa·dor [amˈbasədər] noun

A person authorized to represent a group, often delivering messages on the group’s behalf or promoting a specified activity, in this case the Get Dirty! Challenge.

To be selected as an official Get Dirty! Ambassador you must be willing to:

12 Ways to Celebrate EE Calendar

Environmental education (EE) is relevant for people of all ages and walks of life–every day and every way.  Our EE May 2017 to April 2018 calendar includes monthly activities. 

Hands on the Land Educator Toolkit

Created specifically for EE Week, the Hands on the Land Educator Toolkit features several activity guides, lesson plans, and curriculum designed for all ages incorporating public lands from wetlands to urban forests to caves.

Wetlands Activity Guide

Wetlands are amazing ecosystems and can be found all over the United States. They occur along the boundaries of streams, lakes, ponds, or even in large shallow holes that fill up with rainwater. In order to have a wetland, you need to have some low-lying land, add water, then mix in lots of plants that love having wet "feet" (roots) and finally add some animals. There are many kinds of wetlands, marshes, bogs, swamps, fens, and prairie potholes to name a few.

Check out NEEF's activity guide dedicated to wetlands.

2017 Greening STEM Grant for Educators (Now Closed)

NEEF, with major funding support from Samsung, is offering a total of $12,000 in funding to educators in the New York City/northern New Jersey area and the Washington, DC metro area for programs that support the integration of Greening STEM into place-based, hands-on learning experiences on a public land or waterway. Grants will range in size from $1,000 to $5,000 each.

2018 Every Day Capacity Building Grants

Every Day Capacity Building Grants provide Friends Groups with grant funds of up to $5,000 to help build their organizational capacity to serve public lands.