Climate Change Impacts US Water Systems

Explore regional climate change trends that impact water supply and water quality in the United States, including changing precipitation patterns, intensification of drougt, increased flooding risk, and changes in stream flow and the timing of snowmelt.

Environmental Literacy Report 2015

Environmental educators have an unprecedented opportunity to create a more environmentally literate citizenry — a citizenry equipped with the knowledge, skills, and motivation to tackle the environmental, social, and economic challenges that we face today and in the future.

NEEF Benchmark Survey Report

Measuring impact is key to achieving NEEF's vision of inspiring and engaging 300 million Americans to actively use environmental knowledge by 2022.  The Benchmark Survey was designed to help guide the creation and assessment of effective environmental education programs to reflect an understanding of different segments of the U.S. population based on current levels of environmental knowledge and behavior.

Improving Pediatrician Knowledge About Environmental Triggers of Asthma

This article from Clinical Pediatrics finds that following NEEF's educational intervention, pediatricians reported a significant increase in knowledge about environmental triggers of asthma and a willingness to incorporate exposure history questions and remediation recommendations in their routine practice.