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Diversity Equity + Inclusion

Creating a connection with nature is at the heart of developing a stewardship ethic towards the environment. However, we must also acknowledge that the responsibility of caring for America’s public lands should not be limited to just one group of people. Stewardship requires everyone—outdoor enthusiasts, naturalists, local governments, community members—to truly be successful.

At NEEF, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) is at the core of our mission and how we approach our work. Making the environment accessible, relatable, relevant, and connected to the daily lives of all Americans is only possible if we incorporate a variety of perspectives from our team, partners, and the public to make our work effective.

We are on a lifelong journey to better understand, acknowledge, and incorporate the tenets of DE&I into our environmental education programs and initiatives. We see the following definitions as the pillars of our work and essential to who we are as an organization:


NEEF works proactively to ensure diversity in our staff, board, and external partners. We design our programs and materials to reach and engage audiences of varied perspectives, backgrounds, geographies, and identities.

We pride ourselves on partnering with a wide range of organizations beyond traditional “green” groups, such as Samsung, 3M, International Paper, and the National Association of School Nurses (NASN).


We are creating a workspace that values our differences and offers fair access to opportunities, information, and guidance. We carry this spirit into the work that we produce for our partners and the public, aspiring to make it accessible and engaging to diverse audiences.

We employ behavioral science, data-driven information, and specialized training strategies to align our messaging with the issues that are important to people in their daily lives.


NEEF fosters a space where those from all groups are not only represented, but heard, considered, and supported. We encourage and facilitate respectful discussions about differing ideas and experiences to create a chance for learning and growth. We are committed to using impartial language and incorporating images that represent people of varied backgrounds, geographies, identities, and ability levels.

NEEF's Commitment to DE&I

Our commitment to the principles of DE&I guides everything we do, but we must also acknowledge the areas where we can improve as an organization. This includes shifting the focus of environmental stewardship from a predominantly affluent, white lens to respect and include the involvement of people from all walks of life. And just as we remain committed to acting on behalf of the environment, so too should we act to condemn the racial inequality and oppression that the Black community faces in this country.

We envision a world in which people's everyday actions are guided by an understanding and concern for the well-being of their fellow humans and the planet. We are committed to achieving this by standing in solidarity with Black and African Americans...

A Statement from NEEF on Racial Inequality

We envision a world in which people’s everyday actions are guided by an understanding & concern for the well-being of their fellow humans & the planet
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DE&I Values in our Work

The NEEF Team at NPLD

At NEEF, we partner with public lands groups, environmental organizations, local communities, and others who share our mission of making the environment more accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Here are just a few of the ways in which the values of DE&I are reflected in our work.

DE&I Values for our Team

NEEF’s lively, supportive work culture is based on inclusion, flexibility, and respect. We prioritize balance—flexible work schedules and equitable benefits and opportunities for growth are available to everyone. We hire smart, diverse, creative professionals who are motivated to grow and succeed. We attract and retain brilliant and passionate team members who show up every day dedicated to embodying NEEF’s mission.

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Our flexible teleworking policy not only improves job satisfaction and is eco-friendly, but it allows people to address personal and family needs.


Our recruiting processes seek to reach those with non-traditional backgrounds and viewpoints through outlets that reach diverse audiences.

Equitable Evaluations

Internal planning processes contribute to proper accountability and fairer evaluations and promotions.

Foster Interaction

Frequent social activities and outings encourage understanding and deepen relationships between staff members.

Continuous Learning

Our staff works to cultivate awareness and understanding by incorporating guest speakers, heritage celebrations, and learning activities on a range of DE&I topics into our work environment on a regular basis. Every member of the NEEF team is given the opportunity to visit our grantees and interact with the people and projects that our work touches.