Earth Day Gallery

Download free art posters about sustainability and the environment. Enter to win a printed poster for your organization.

Art that Educates

In honor of Earth Day, the National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF) has partnered with the School for Visual Arts (SVA) art college in New York City to launch the Earth Day Gallery. This online gallery showcases original student art posters promoting sustainability and environmental education. Download free 11x17” posters for your classroom or home! 

Abigail Sandoval
Poster 1
Earth Day Gallery Art poster The Climate is Changing Why Aren't We

Poster art by Abigail Sandoval.

Juliana Milano
Poster 2
Earth Day Gallery Art poster Plastic Pollution Save the Turtles

Poster art by Juliana Milano.

Junyi Wang
Poster 3
Earth Day Gallery Art poster Every Drop Counts

Poster art by Junyi Wang.

Skye Stoyer
Poster 4
Earth Day Gallery Art poster Composting Garbage is Good

Poster art by Skye Stoyer.

Vivian Ziwei Zhou
Poster 5
Earth Day Gallery Art poster Together we can beat the heat

Poster art by Vivian Ziwei Zhou

Vivian Ziwei Zhou
Poster 6
Earth Day Gallery Art poster Powering the Future

Poster by Vivian Ziwei Zhou

Wave Johnson
Poster 7
Earth Day Gallery Art poster We can create the world we want

Poster art by Wave Johnson.

Yufei Ding
Poster 8
Earth Day Gallery Art poster Lights off for nature

Poster art by Yufei Ding.

Congratulations Winners! 

Thanks to everyone who registered for a chance to receive one of 100 limited-edition, full-color 18x24” printed posters courtesy of Samsung Electronics America! 
We are thrilled to congratulate the winners below.

Abbey Palte
Alfonso Gonzalez
Alison Milchak
Amanda Hamilton
Amanda Laliberte
Amia Warren
Amy Truemper
Angela Fondren
Autumn Anderson
Ayanna Burroughs
Beverlee Harris
Brianna  Alvarado
Cameo Slaybaugh
Cameo Slaybaugh
Cami Potter
Camille Sowinski
Carolina Arboleda
Cherie Westrick 
Chris Mann
Courtney Prout
Cyndy Waters
Dakota Bahlau
Danica Woo
Dawn Parrish
Diana Weber

Donna Kawasaki 
Donna Mackiewicz
Emily Bogusch
Emily Bustamante
Emma DeVine
Erika Kemler
Gabriela Gonzalez-Bonet
Gloria McNair
Gregory Swick
Hannah Szuch
Heather Lewis
Holly Hewchuk
James Sellers
Jennifer Frost
Jennifer Mcfarlane
Jennifer Mutch
Jessica Levine
Jessica Ludwig
Jessica Schnell
Jodi Goncalves
Jodie West
John Berdon
Judy Nawrocki
Karen Brown
Karin Badey

Kate Czapla
Katherine Moser
Katheryn Mottl 
Kayleigh Graves
Kelly Christiansen
Keri Degnan
Kristen da Cruz
Kristine Bjorum
Lark Crable
Linda Brosch
Lindsay Cabana 
Lisa Balazs
Liz White
Lori Danz
Mariah Bauman
Mary Ellen Manning
Mary Jo Marksz
Matt Whitton
Matthew Joseph
Meghan Sturgell
Melanie Uebele
Morgan Landolfi
Mr. I.C. Levenberg Engel
Nancy Benzenberg
Nicky Christensen

Nicole Hodur
Nikki Wallace 
Nwe Linn
Page Beckwith
Pattie Hulse
Paz Salas
Reyna Butler
Roxanne Spencer
Ryan Ransom
Sandra Miles
Sarah Caswsll
Sarah Paulos
Shannon Goodwin 
Stacey Flynn
Stacy Suhre
Steffani Jijon
Theresa Covell
Thomas Rozycki
Tiffany Daniels
Tim Watson
Todd Snyder 
Tyshondra Reneta Barnes
Vananda Yazzie
Wendy Bennett
Y-Vonn Teh

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