NPLD 2020: Impact

The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed the way Americans are able to engage with public lands. From iconic national parks to local urban green spaces, the threat of COVID-19 has made it extremely difficult - if not impossible - for many land managers to host large in-person events on public lands. This has significantly impacted nationally recognized service events such as National Public Lands Day (NPLD).

The annual National Public Lands Day celebration is the largest single-day volunteer effort for America’s public lands. Each year, hundreds of thousands of volunteers come together on the fourth Saturday in September to assist land managers with environmental projects designed to enhance and restore national parks, recreation areas, wildlife refuges, and other public lands and waters. In 2019, over 2,000 public lands sites across the US hosted NPLD events, and together they engaged more than 150,000 volunteers in hands-on conservation activities.

This year, National Public Lands Day needed to look a little different. While public land sites were still be able to register in-person events, NEEF focused on supporting innovative virtual events designed to engage volunteers and connect people to public lands from the safety and comfort of their homes.

National Impact Numbers

Conservation Outcomes from In-Person NPLD Events*

668 acres of land enhanced, 11036 sqft of invasive species removed, 108 miles of trails restored, 28048 pounds of trash collected

344 miles of waterway restored, 1874 native plants added, 16 facilities built, 45 pieces of infrastructure built

*NOTE: This information was collected from 74 NPLD site managers that completed the NPLD post-event survey.

NPLD Virtual Signature Event


For this year’s NPLD Signature Events, NEEF partnered with Corazon Latino for a musical tour of some of America’s most scenic public lands sites! From Joshua Tree National Park in California to Kenilworth Gardens in Washington DC, we explored the history and culture of these special places from coast to coast. You can also watch the live broadcast of the event on Facebook.

Impact Numbers for NPLD Signature Event

106441 number of people reached, 48000 number of video plays

NPLD 2020
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Our Virtual Signature Event

Watch our Virtual Signature Event where we kicked off another successful NPLD!
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Our Highlighted Virtual NPLD Events

Check out the highlighted National Public Lands Day virtual events that were supported by NEEF and Toyota.
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