Toyota employees volunteering at an NPLD event

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National Public Lands Day is on Saturday, September 28, 2019

Thank you for volunteering for National Public Lands Day! We want to help you spread the word about the good work you’ll be doing and invite others to join. Below you will find some ready-made promotional items to help.

We will continue adding new material as NPLD gets closer, so make sure to check back frequently.

If you have NPLD communications questions, please email the NPLD team at

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Add a proclamation from your mayor or governor to help boost the awareness of the event you're attending.

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Suggested Social Media Posts

Below are a few suggested social media posts to get you started. Feel free to tailor these and make them your own.

Short Posts (Twitter, Snapchat, etc.)
(Please note: Character count may increase when you add photos. Adjust as necessary.)

  • Join me for National Public Lands Day, the nation’s largest single day volunteer effort for public lands, on Saturday Sept. 28. #NPLD
  • Did you know National Public Lands Day is a fee-free day for most federal public lands? Join me on Sept. 28 and give back to our public lands.

Longer Posts (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.)
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  • Join me for @NEEF – National Public Lands Day, the nation’s largest single day volunteer effort for public lands, on Saturday, Sept. 28. #NPLD
  • Did you know that @NEEF- National Public Lands Day is a fee-free day for all federal public lands across America and many state parks? Join @National Environmental Education Foundation – NEEF and give back to our public lands. #NPLD

Frame Your Favorite Public Land Activity

Don’t forget to update your Facebook profile picture with one of these new NPLD-inspired Facebook Frames and let your friends know why you care about public lands.

  1. Log on to Facebook from your desktop computer.
  2. Visit and search “NPLD 2019.”
  3. Choose your favorite frame:
    1. Beach
    2. Urban
    3. Prairie
    4. Mountain
  4. Click “Use as Profile Picture” and share amongst your friends.
  5. Don’t forget to tag NEEF and use the hashtag #NPLD.


A proclamation is a letter signed by a government official that declares a particular day in support of an action, cause, or policy. The first proclamation in American history was signed into effect on October 3, 1789 by President George Washington to commemorate the first Day of National Thanksgiving.

As a volunteer, there is no better way to reinforce your commitment to NPLD in your community and bring attention to an NPLD event than to request a ceremonial proclamation. States, cities, and towns can show their support for National Public Lands Day by issuing ceremonial proclamations. Proclamations can be used by site managers to draw additional media attention, to encourage participation, and to add legitimacy to their event.

Here’s how to request one:

  1. Begin the process by locating the appropriate state or city government website. You can find your representative here.
  2. You may find a tab called "Mayor's Page" or "Governor's Page." Also look for "Ceremonial" or "Forms" on the navigation.
  3. If you do not see any of these, try using the site's Search feature with the word "proclamation." Otherwise, call your local mayor or governor’s office to determine how proclamations are issued.
  4. You can also try the "Contact Us" link, and submit a  brief message asking: How do I ask the governor to issue a proclamation declaring September 28, 2019, National Public Lands Day?
  5. A staff member will likely reply and email a form to complete. Email the form back for an official signature.
  6. If no form is available, you can customize NEEF proclamation template. Customize with your letterhead and signature and mail or email to the mayor's or governor's office.
  7. Follow up with a phone call just to be sure your request arrived.
  8. When you have confirmation that the proclamation has been signed, contact local media to suggest a news item, interview or photo with the mayor or governor and affiliate representatives.
  9. Make sure to thank the staff involved with helping you get the proclamation.