Wetlands Activity Guide
Apr 11, 2017 / by admin
a wetland with still shallow water reflecting green trees and grasses on the banks

Wetlands are amazing ecosystems and can be found all over the United States. They occur along the boundaries of streams, lakes, ponds, or even in large shallow holes that fill up with rainwater.

In order to have a wetland, you need to have some low-lying land, add water, mix in lots of plants that love having wet "feet" (roots), and finally add some animals. Every animal plays an important role in a healthy wetland. From primary producers to consumers to decomposers, everything is connected.

There are many types of wetlands. Here are a few examples:

These places can look very different, but because they are all areas with wet soil, or where water covers the soil, they are considered wetlands. What types of wetlands are near you?

Check out NEEF's Wetlands Activity Guide for more information and fun projects that will teach you about wetlands—including how to make your own origami lotus!

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