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This infographic illustrates how wetlands help recharge the groundwater that supplies cities, towns, rivers, and streams.

This infographic illustrates how wetlands help prevent catastrophic flooding.

This infographic illustrates how forested wetlands help reduce nutrient pollution and sediment before it reaches nearby rivers or streams.

This infographic illustrates how oysters are able to filter polluted water.

These infographics show the chemical process of ocean acidification.

This two-hour course provides an understanding of a watershed as the local environment in which people’s actions and decisions play against the background of…

This infographic highlights some of the common water quality indicators, why they are important, and how we measure them.

This infographic shows how rainwater and melting snow contribute to watersheds, explains watershed characteristics in detail, and shows why watersheds are so…

NEEF's Wetlands Activity Guide contains information and fun projects that will teach you about wetlands—including how to make your own origami lotus!

This activity guide teaches students about the impacts of stormwater runoff on the environment, and includes instructions for building your own rain gauge and…