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Summer may be over, but don't put away your sunscreen and sunglasses just yet! While summer is the time of year when you're typically exposed to the highest
To stay safe while chasing the sunshine, balance the benefits of getting outdoors with the need to protect yourself from ultraviolet (UV) radiation.
As the sun blazes this summer and you head outdoors for some fresh air, exercise, and socially distanced fun, don’t forget to protect yourself from harmful
Through our programs and initiatives, NEEF aims to increase your understanding of how the environment affects your daily life. We want to reduce the physical
Commemorating those who died while serving in the US military, Memorial Day is a time for reflection and respect. It also unofficially marks the beginning of
The Ozone Layer Ozone (O 3) is made naturally in the atmosphere when three oxygen atoms join together to form a colorless gas. The earth is wrapped in layers of
Este viernes, 26 de mayo, ha sido designado como el Día Contra Quemadas del Sol, por la Sociedad Americana del Cáncer y el Consejo Nacional para la Prevención
Is your moisturizer with SPF offering enough protection from the sun? Does a "base tan" help prevent further skin damage in the summer season? Read on to answer
Ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun is responsible for the adverse health effects of too much sun exposure on the human body. Learn more about this type of