The Arizona Diamondbacks Environmental Education Program is a Home Run
May 04, 2018

As a Major League Baseball team, the Arizona Diamondbacks embrace their responsibility as a leader in Arizona. Located in downtown Phoenix, the sixth most populated city in the United States, the team's home stadium of Chase Field sits in the middle of one of the hottest deserts in the world. Through innovative greening programs and policies, the Diamondbacks not only work to lessen their overall environmental footprint, but also share their efforts with the 2 million fans who turn out to see them play each season and the millions more who follow the D-backs worldwide.


Sports fans walking past the sustainability garden at the Arizona Diamondbacks stadium

At the stadium, visual headers above the recycling bins and in-house concourse TV messaging share information about recycling. The eco-friendly hand dryers in the restrooms also feature messaging about how many trees are being saved through the removal of paper towels from these areas. Fans can find these and many other eco-friendly efforts by using the Sustainability Site Map found in the D-backs Insider, a free program distributed to all fans in attendance. The map showcases all the various programs throughout the ballpark, such as the compost collection, a recycled chilled-water loop air conditioning system, and the D-backs' APS Solar Pavilion outside the ballpark, among many more.


People working at the sustainable garden at the Arizona Diamondbacks stadium

New to the park last year, D-backs Greens is a vertical garden on the exterior of the ballpark that is visible to both fans and commuters. Adding to their efforts to catalyze change, the team engages with students from local schools to harvest the plants while teaching them how to grow their own fruits and vegetables at home. These are just a few of the ways the Diamondbacks not only work to educate fans about what the team is doing as an organization, but also promote ways fans can go greener at home as well.

View a map of the Arizona Diamondbacks stadium to see all their sustainability efforts.