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Funder support is the foundation of a successful Greening STEM project

investing in the future 

Implementing high-quality and collaborative educational programming is challenging for many reasons, one of the most significant is the lack of budget. By investing in GSTEM projects, funders provide a solid foundation for NEEF and community partners to build experiences that increase young people's academic achievement and encourage a deeper appreciation for the environment.

Funders Bring Greening STEM to Life

Supporting GSTEM projects gives students authentic STEM learning while enabling them to use all their senses to explore the world right outside the classroom door while forging connections to the natural world and each other.

NEEF partnered with Samsung, Teaneck Creek Conservancy, and Benjamin Franklin Middle School (BFMS) in Teaneck, New Jersey to help these students make important connections between the health of the river and the community.

Why your support matters
Funding the Future

Mark Newton, Head of Corporate Sustainability at Samsung Electronics America, explains how the Greening STEM project is part of Samsung's Corporate Sustainability Goals.

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Support Environmental Education

Interested in funding a Greening STEM project in your community? Talk to NEEF's development team about the ways you can make an impact.


Greening STEM projects bring STEM to life on public lands of all sizes, from creeks and canyons to prairies and mountains. NEEF helps guide the collaboration of community partners for educational experiences that promote a culture of stewardship for young people from diverse backgrounds.

To learn more about NEEF’s Greening STEM projects throughout the country, open our interactive Story Map below.

Greening STEM StoryMap
Greening STEM Story Map

Greening STEM Stories

Our funders support important learning experiences in their own communities and beyond.

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Let's Partner

Join us in creating a brighter future for the next generation! By investing in GSTEM projects, you have the power to help us build a better world, one young person at a time. Let's work together to provide equitable access to high-quality educational programming and inspire a lifelong love of learning and environmental stewardship.


Learn more About Greening STEM

Get inspired to start a Greening STEM program at your school or organization and offer youth an experiential education program that will stick with them for a lifetime.

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Greening STEM Spaces

Greening STEM projects bring STEM to life in outdoor spaces of all types, from creeks and canyons to prairies...