Roper Reports

Roper Reports

The National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF) commissioned Roper Starch Worldwide to conduct a series of surveys to better assess the public understanding of the environment and environmental education, as well as how prepared they are for the environmental challenges facing all Americans.

The National Report Card on Environmental Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behaviors (1998)
The 1998 survey reveals there is persistent misinformation about the environment in the United States, which can stand in the way of action on a wide array of issues.

The National Report Card on Safe Drinking Water Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behaviors (1999)
This 1999 survey was specifically regarding tap water quality and safety in the United States. The survey reveals that there are two contradictory schools of thought in American water assessment: most Americans trust their tap water and yet there is an increase in how many exclusively drink bottled water or filter/boil their water in the home.

Are Americans Environmentally Prepared for the 21st Century? (1999)
The 1999 survey reveals that Americans are largely unprepared on a range of key environmental issues, from health to economic impacts to world conflict.

Lessons from the Environment: Why 95% of Adult Americans Endorse Environmental Education (2000)
The 2000 survey reveals that Americans now recognize their need for more environmental education as a means of combatting future environmental issues.

Americans' Low "Energy IQ:" A Risk to Our Energy Future (2002)
The 2002 survey frankly discusses how Americans' overestimation of their energy knowledge is impacting important public measures.

Environmental Literacy in America (2005)
The 2005 survey reiterates that Americans lack the information and are largely misinformed about increasingly challenging environmental problems.