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Greening STEM
Benjamin Franklin Middle School students at Teaneck Creek in New Jersey

NEEF Video Series: Greening STEM in Action

NEEF partnered with the Teaneck Creek Conservancy and Benjamin Franklin Middle School in Teaneck, NJ to engage students at their local watershed.
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Conversations on EE
Woman posing with a turtle

Empowering Women in STEM Fields

Jennifer Palmer, founder of Women for Wildlife, discusses new roles women are taking in conservation and offers advice on pursuing a career in STEM.
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SciStarter: People-powered science.

Why Citizen Science Matters

Darlene Cavalier, founder of SciStarter, discusses the importance of STEM and how citizen science contributes to research projects.
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Students at the watershed in Teaneck, New Jersey

Greening STEM and Inquiry-Based Education

Terrence Williams, Principal at Benjamin Franklin Middle School, discusses how hands-on learning increases student engagement.
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Kid observing log

Encouraging Youth Engagement with the Outdoors

Juan Martinez of Children & Nature Network discusses how environmental education and time in nature provide “pathways of engagement” for students.
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Woman looking out over sunset in Botswana

Now more than ever, nature has valuable lessons to teach us

"[L]ately it feels as if our lives have been turned upside down, nature shows us the way forward by [...] living in the moment, one moment at a time."
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EE Stories
Female scientists in a lab

Girls in Science

"As we celebrate Women’s History Month, women in science are becoming more outspoken about gender inequality in STEM programs and beyond."
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Kids having fun at Debris Day

Habitat Fun and Outdoor Activity at Debris Day!

Debris Day invites local students to join in environmental education-themed activities and games while working together to care for Kingman Island.
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rocky stream

Learning from Youth Restoration on South Boulder Creek

Hear about the youth-led restoration team that worked to restore the banks of the South Boulder Creek after severe flooding.
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Getting the Picture: Our Changing Climate

What better way to visualize and share the story of climate science than through the lens of a world-renowned photographer and adventurer?
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Nickelodeon Gets Dirty With Game Shaker's Cast

Nickelodeon: Get Dirty

Nickelodeon’s “Get Dirty!” Earth Day initiative provided support for kids and their projects to help protect the planet.
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Encouraging Teen Driven Learning

Encouraging Teen-Driven Learning in STEM

For teenagers in the 21st century, learning happens everywhere: in school, online and across a variety of communities.
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Don't Miss These 7 Environmental Education Apps

Apps for Environmental Education

NEEF put together a special collection of apps from our partners designed to help immerse kids in new worlds and experiences.
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solar panel career

STEM Graduates and Environmental Science Careers

Many STEM degree graduates are now choosing environmental science as a career option as we look to develop the technologies of the future.
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Wilderness Classroom

Sparking Children's Interest in the Outdoors

The Wilderness Classroom started with a simple idea: to improve students’ academic skills and environmental appreciation.
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Students out in the field participating in a citizen science project

Citizen Science Tackles Invasive Species

Invasive species research is well suited for citizen science efforts. Early detection is critical for successful species' mitigation and management.
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Eliza K.'s quilt, titled "Imagine a Sustainable Life"

Environmental Education through Art

Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots is a student-driven, experiential service-learning program that empowers young people to make the world a better place.
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