Celebrate Earth Day's 50th Anniversary

Created in 1970, Earth Day mobilized millions of Americans to demand a more responsible approach to living in harmony with our planet. Celebrated annually on April 22, Earth Day encourages environmental education and stewardship of natural resources. In honor of Earth Day’s 50th anniversary, the Earth Day Network has selected “climate action” as this year’s theme.

It’s fitting that National Park Week is also celebrated during this time (April 18-26). Both events serve as important reminders to keep the earth mind when making everyday decisions.

Collectively, our efforts make a difference, from community clean-ups to individual efforts at work, school, play, and home. What can you do to celebrate Earth Day this year? Though many volunteer clean-up activities may be cancelled due to coronavirus, you can still be environmentally conscious at home.

  1. Reduce your household food waste. According to the EPA, Americans disposed of 38.1 million tons of food waste in 2017. Out of that staggering number, 94% of this food waste ended up in landfills or combustion facilities. Use these tips from the EPA to help reduce the amount of food waste your household generates and save the planet in the process.
  2. Learn more about your energy use. Our energy choices and decisions impact the environment in ways we may not be aware of, so careful usage of energy resources is important. Improving energy efficiency in your home can help to reduce energy costs and emissions. EPA offers tips to heat and cool your home more efficiently. Depending on where you live, a few smart landscaping choices can help you weather hot and cold temperatures, chilly winds, and water shortages.
  3. Build a rainwater collection system. Help reduce stormwater runoff and save on your next water bill by building a rain barrel for your home! Rain barrels are designed to catch rain that runs off the roof of a building and store it for later use. While this water is not safe for human consumption, it is perfect for watering your lawn and garden! Check out our guide to rain barrels for a fun DIY project that helps the planet, too.

The current COVID-19 pandemic is a reminder that even small, everyday actions can add up to make a big difference for the planet. You’ve got 50 years of history on your side, so show some love and appreciation for Mother Nature this April 22—and beyond!

Don’t forget: April 20-24 is also National Environmental Education Week, the nation's largest celebration of environmental education. Sign up to receive educational activities, infographics, special discounts from our partners, and more!

Author: Lisa Beach