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Toyota and NEEF are committed to getting more people out on public lands, and encouraging them to give back and protect the lands they love

Moving Forward Together

For over 20 years, NEEF and Toyota have partnered to advance our shared goals of environmental conservation and connecting people to public lands. We work together to highlight Toyota’s commitments to environmental sustainability and social impact, engage Toyota employees in caring for their local communities, and drive mobility and accessibility on public lands nationally.

National Public Lands Day

Since 1999, Toyota Motor North America has been the national corporate sponsor of National Public Lands Day, the nation's largest single-day volunteer event for public lands.

Partnering with the National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF), Toyota is committed to getting more Americans out on federal, state, and community public lands and encouraging communities to give back and protect the lands they love.

NPLD Snapshot

See how NEEF & Toyota teamed up to increase accessibility at Harvest Square Nature Preserve.

Value of grants Toyota and NEEF have distributed since 2011 to support public lands and community engagement across the nation

Supporting Environmental Engagement Across the US

NEEF and Toyota work together to develop and provide grants that help organizations engage their local community to improve the environment, increase diversity, and expand their work locally.

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Volunteer & Education Events

Toyota has been the major supporter of National Public Lands Day for over 20 years, helping to increase the positive impact of this annual event and educate the public on the importance of maintaining our public lands.

See our recent projects:

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 Biodiversity Conservation Grants

Toyota Motor North America has provided nearly $500,000 in grant funding to support biodiversity conservation projects on public lands within the California Floristic Province and National Capital ecological regions.

See our recent projects:

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Restoration and Resilience

Restoring public lands impacted by natural disasters and those dealing with the effects of increased visitation and decreased staff during COVID.

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Driving Mobility and Accessibility on Public Lands 

Through the sale of special vehicle editions, Toyota has offered $150,000 in grant funding and Supporting projects to make public lands more accessible and enjoyable for Americans of all abilities.

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Success Stories

NEEF Conservation Grant Supports Biodiversity in the California Floristic Province

NEEF and Toyota funded $220,000 for biodiversity conservation in California's Floristic Province. Four...

Local nonprofit helps Colorado community heal from wildfire devastation through environmental stewardship

It was like something out of an old John Ford Western: on the morning of June 1, 2018, a coal-fired locomotive...

Bay Area Nonprofit Drives Accessibility on Public Lands Thanks to NEEF Grant

Toyota-NEEF's Driving Mobility and Accessibility on Public Lands Grant funds Access to Nature, led by Bonnie...

Visually Impaired Students Gain Access to Nature Through Sound

Visually Impaired Students Gain Access to Nature Through Sound thanks to the Driving Mobility and...