Conflict of Interest Policy for Non-Profit Organizations
May 30, 2024 / by mpope
Two women wearing US Forest Service uniforms work together at a desk

A conflict of interest policy outlines how you identify and address any conflicts of interest within the organization. This demonstrates that your organization avoids granting awards or work contracts for private profit or benefit.

If you represent an organization that is applying for one of NEEF's grants, it is likely that you will be asked to provide your own conflict of interest policy form. Unless your organization already has one, it's easier to use the following conflict of interest form template.

NOTE: This document is intended as an aid to assist non-State entities in establishing a conflict of interest policy. It is not intended to be used verbatim, but rather to serve as a template for non-governmental organizations as they craft their individual conflict of interest policy. Each organization that chooses to use this template should take care to make changes that reflect the individual organization.

Download Conflict of Interest Policy Template
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