Public Lands Engagement Guides
Jun 07, 2024 / by ASkalmusky
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NEEF's engagement guides were developed in partnership with the National Park Service and the USDA Forest Service, and cover key strategies for planning and executing successful environmental education and health and wellness events on all types and sizes of public lands.

They are filled with real-world examples, tips from experts, featured resources, and other tools that will help you integrate health and education activities and concepts into your next community engagement event.

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Accessibility: This guide promotes accessibility in public land spaces, covering the built environment, innovative events, and recommendations for inclusive experiences.

  • Examples of universal design on public lands
  • Tips to Improve accessibility in online and printed materials
  • Examples of creating a welcoming culture at your outdoor events

Health & Wellness
This guide promotes high-quality health and wellness activities at community events, covering various activities with best practices, lessons learned, and success tips.

  • Develop effective messaging around your event 
  • Find the best activity types for your park or greenspace
  • Learn how gateway activities promote better health and community connections

Environmental Education
This guide offers practical tips for adding environmental education to public engagement events, with suggested activities to enhance the experience. 

  • Learn how to frame your activities to increase participant comprehension and enjoyment
  • See examples of successful activities and lessons learned
  • Discover environmental education games you can implement immediately

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