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Explore greenhouse gases' impact on climate change, from water vapor to CO2, CH4, N2O, and fluorinated gases. Understand their sources and implications.
Discover the effects of climate change and warmer winters on human health.
Learn how snowpack plays a major role in the water cycle, supporting household water use across the western US, and is being affected by climate change.
Sales of electric vehicles are surging in the US as more consumers seek to limit their greenhouse gas emissions. Learn about how electricity is produced and the
The fall migration season illustrates how many North American mammals, birds, amphibians, and marine life are impacted by climate change.
Discover the link between climate change, El Niño patterns, and increased hurricane intensity in the US. Learn about tropical cyclone development, sea level
With about 80% of the US population living in cities, millions are at an increased vulnerability to heat waves and a changing climate. Learn about urban heat
Climate change has the potential to impact the taste, size, and availability of fruits and vegetables at your local farmers market. We break down what this
QueerBrownVegan’s Isaias Hernandez uses his social media platform for environmental education, showing the intersectionality between environmental justice and
Air quality affects health in many ways. New research explores the connection between air pollution, cognitive function, and dementia.