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The water in our community is part of a much bigger picture. Falling rain, a puddle in the street, or a rushing creek eventually leads elsewhere, whether that’s a wetland, river, lake, or the ocean. Join Spectrum in taking these four small actions at home that can have a big impact on water quality - and the people and wildlife that depend on clean water.

  • Go native. Plant native trees and shrubs. Their roots help absorb rain water and filter pollutants.
  • Control the flow. Make sure sprinklers are watering your lawn or garden - not the sidewalk or street.
  • Put yard waste to work. Use leaves and grass clippings as mulch in your garden or add them to a compost pile.
  • Respect the drain. Never dump waste outside or in a storm drain. Dispose of hazardous products - including used motor oil, paints, and cleaners - through a local household hazardous waste collection program. 


Hillside storm drain runoff on sandy beach

What is stormwater?

When rain and other types of precipitation falls to the ground, the surface it lands on plays a big part in what happens next.
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Lobelia cardinalis

What are invasive species?

There are plants that have evolved to survive under the given growing conditions, and chances are, have moved in more recently.
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Ant on mushroom

What is biodiversity?

Biodiversity is the variety of animals and plants and habitats found on this planet. It plays an important role in maintaining healthy ecosystems.
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Renew the Blue #VolunteerDay Spectrum Brands

Spectrum Brands Employees Volunteer at Public Land Sites in Four States to Protect Water Quality in their Communities and Beyond

Company partners with Clean Lakes Alliance and NEEF for its employee volunteer service day to make national lake and river health a top priority
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