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Explore the phenomenon of ocean acidification and its effects on marine life. Learn how increased CO2 emissions are altering ocean pH levels and impacting
Did You Know? More than 80% of earth's marine life is migrating to different places and changing their breeding and feeding patterns due to warming waters
You have probably heard the terms El Niño and La Niña before but it can be difficult to know the difference between the two. Get a deeper understanding of how
After graduating in 1983 from the University of Michigan with a bachelor's of science degree in atmospheric science, Gross went on to work as a broadcast
Explore the rapid rise of global sea levels and its impacts on coastal communities. Learn about projections and risks associated with climate change.
Cambios en las poblaciones de peces y vida silvestre y sus hábitats en respuesta a un clima cambiante se han observado en varios niveles en los Estados Unidos
Explore the shifting patterns of winter precipitation in the US and their implications. Learn how to protect your family and property during winter storms.