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To ensure the longevity of our scenic natural wonders, it is important to understand how they will be impacted by rising temperatures, more extreme weather
Florida's Miami-Dade County is a stark example of how climate change is currently impacting communities and public lands. Resources for the Future, an
Discover how climate shifts impact residential electricity use, with rising temperatures driving up cooling demands and reshaping energy consumption patterns.
You and your family probably have a plan for a house fire—a smoke detector in place, an evacuation plan, and a safe place to gather. But do you have a plan for
Explore the rising frequency of heatwaves and their impact on health in the US. Learn how to protect yourself during extreme heat events
Does weather affect your Thanksgiving meal? You bet! From wild turkey survival to the life cycle of the apples in your pie, weather conditions have a big impact
Understanding the earth's water cycle can help us understand how a warming climate will intensify droughts and floods. A main contributor to the intensity of a
Now in its fourth year, Climate Superstars is an online environmental challenge that gets kids excited about how they can take an active role in caring for the
Biodiversity is important to human health because it supports physical, mental, and spiritual health and social well-being. Learn how NEEF supports biodiversity
Nothing says summer like a family trip to the beach. The air of anticipation as everyone piles into the car with their bathing suits and beach towels and you