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Is your favorite type of seafood being overfished? Learn how to make sustainable seafood choices using the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch guides.
Extreme weather events such as hurricanes, floods, drought, extreme heat, and wildfires are occurring at increased rates due to a changing climate and can
Learn bird conservation success stories from the past that can be applied today to help protect migratory birds facing new challenges navigating North America’s
Learn more about the new normal and how can we prepare for the future impacts of climate change from, Kenneth Harding, Director of the National Weather Service
Are you one of the 24.6 million people living in the United States affected by asthma? More than 1,000 people are admitted to the hospital each day because of
People are impacted by climate change in different ways. While some may not notice a difference in their health, others—children, pregnant women, the
Global CO2 emissions in April 2020 decreased 17% compared to one year before, and NASA satellite imaging showed significant reductions in air pollution over
The COVID-19 pandemic has shown parents, educators, and caretakers the value of quality environmental education resources for their children. But as the months
We've curated a list of thought-provoking, informative, and entertaining environmental podcasts, just in time for Earth Day.
Here are five animals that are known for their weather wisdom. Some of these proverbs are true, while others are not. Can you guess which ones are real?