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In 2019, Harmful Algal Blooms (HAB), including blue-green algae closed all of Mississippi's beaches. Much of the growth of these harmful algal blooms is
Teens in Durango, Colorado, discuss hydrophobic soil with the ease that they discuss reality TV or Minecraft thanks to teachers who used a major wildfire to
Enjoying the warm weather outdoors? Beware of mosquitoes & ticks carrying diseases like West Nile & Lyme. Learn how to protect you and your family.
Over 50% of the US lives near coasts. Groundwater, vital for public water supply, faces risks from climate change, sea level rise, and overuse. Learn more about
If a hurricane hits, are you ready for it? In the midst of hurricane season (June 1 to November 30), it’s smart to think about your family’s safety by making
Discover the environmental impact and vulnerability of US transportation to climate change. Learn how reducing emissions can save billions in infrastructure
The US is no stranger to hurricanes and intense storms—over the past few years, Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria have left thousands of people dead in their
Explore the impact of indoor air pollution on student health. With 90% of Americans indoors, learn how asthma and air quality affect your child's well-being at
How can you tell that spring is on its way? Whether you're holding out for the first sighting of a robin, crocuses blooming where there once was snow, or buds
Toyota’s Rick Vernon has headed up NPLD efforts for his division every year since 2005. Here are some of his tips for a successful event.