volunteers help in a community garden as part of NEEF Grant
NEEF Grantee Promotional Toolkit

Everything you need to spread the word about your award

NEEF offers a variety of grants and awards to support the extraordinary work being done across the nation at the local level. We routinely highlight individual and group commitment to nature through education and service on our media channels. 

General Media Tools

Help us tell your story! This toolkit is a resource for NEEF Grantees to share stories about their work and amplify their impact. If you have communications questions, please email the team at info@neefusa.org.

Media (Photo) Release Forms

Before capturing photos and videos of participants in a grant project, you must obtain their consent to use their images in your media. We make this easy with our NEEF Media Release form, available online and in print


Send the link to the volunteers before the project or print out the QR code so everyone can scan and fill in the form online. Then NEEF will receive the consent without more from you.

Access the Online Form

Download the QR Code

In Print

Download and print out the NEEF Media Release Form and make sure that anyone who is identifiable in your images has signed it.

You have two options to upload the signed releases: take a photo of the signed document using your phone or scan the signed document in PDF, JPG, or PNG format and upload it to the Dropbox link you received in your awardee letter. 

You will submit both photos and release forms using this link. Ensure that uploaded project photos are in JPG or PNG format and follow the naming standard, such as "[project name]_01" or "[organization name]_01"  for easy identification. 

Use this media release for to obtain consent from the people in your photographs and video.
Download Template
Use this Spanish version of our Media Release Form when working with Spanish speaking audiences

Press Release Template

Our grant press release template can be used to send to local media contacts about the projects related to grant funding. For more in-depth information on writing press releases, click here.


Download Template
Press Release Form for those with grants sponsored by Toyota


Make sure to tag NEEF when posting on social media! 

Grant Promotion FAQs

We've compiled some of the most common questions around promotion your grant. You can find information specific to the grant you have been awarded on the grant awardees page.

Find Your Grant

Please find the information for your specific grant language and requirements from the list below.





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