Infographic: Invasive Aquatic Species and Recreation

Invasive aquatic species are cropping up in and around waterways outside of their native habitat, and their presence has the ability to disrupt and negatively impact the ecosystems where they make their new homes. These are aquatic organisms that have been introduced to areas outside of their native habitat, whether that introduction is on the other side of the world, or on the other side of a continent.

2019 National Public Lands Day Department of Defense Awards - NOW OPEN

In commemoration of this year's National Public Lands Day, the Department of Defense, through the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Energy, Installations, and Environment and the Natural Resources Program, will fund NPLD projects on military lands that are open to the public for recreation. The 2019 NPLD DoD Awards will provide up to $9,500 to selected installations to implement natural and cultural resources management, restoration, and/or enhancement projects on or ar

2019 NEEF Health and the Natural Environment Grant - CLOSED

The National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF), with funding support from US Forest Service (USFS), is offering $32,200 through mini-grants for health promotion activities that will also help restore and protect America’s forests.

Awarded grantees will be expected to conduct activities on:

Rooted in Math

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NEEF 2017 Annual Report

The National Environmental Education Foundation’s 2017 annual report highlights our vision, key accomplishments, and finances.

SunWise Tool Kit Samples

Interested in the SunWise Tool Kit but not sure what to expect? Check out the sample activities below. Activities include educator and student pages that guide both the leader and the participant through the material--no prior knowledge necessary! 

Put Energy Efficiency in Play

The National Hockey League (NHL®) and its partners are making energy-saving plays to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, including switching to more efficient lighting and installing solar panels.

Join them by taking action at home or at school to reduce your energy use. Conduct an energy audit to find out how much energy your electronics draw when they’re not in use. Then, make your own energy-saving plays to reduce your energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.

2018 USFS Pollinator/Community Garden Grant - NOW CLOSED

The National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF), with major funding support from US Forest Service (USFS), is offering a little over $10,700 through mini-grants to facilitate Pollinator Garden and/Community Garden activities. Awarded grantees will be expected to facilitate the development of educational and conservation activities on local Forest Service lands, other partner public lands, local and municipal public lands, or on lands within urban communities.