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Humans inevitably and necessarily constantly interact with our surroundings. From the water we drink, to the air we breathe, and the spaces and climates we live, work, and play in, our environments impact our daily well-being and long term physical and mental health. Children and underserved populations are especially vulnerable to the effects of the environment on health.

A healthy environment – indoors and out – keeps us healthy while an unhealthy environment can contribute to a variety of health conditions in children and adults. NEEF's work is designed to build a broad, inclusive coalition of stakeholders to focus on environmental health concerns and benefits. From training tens of thousands of health care professionals about various environmental health issues, including taking a patient's environmental history, environmental management of pediatric asthma, and promoting outdoor activities to help prevent a variety of health conditions including obesity and diabetes, NEEF's programs currently are focused on providing resources to healthcare providers.

Pediatric doctor with his patient

Pediatric Environmental History

NEEF’s environmental history form draws from the medical literature and current best practices.
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Health care professional with child and her mother

Position Statement

Our statement calls for improvements in environmental health education for health professionals and recommends specific, necessary actions.
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Children playing outside at dusk

CEHN's Pediatric Environmental Health Training Resource

These resources assist health care practitioners and faculty with incorporating pediatric environmental health into teaching programs and practices.
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Asthma lungs

Climate Change and Human Health

The effects of global climate change include profound effects on human health.
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Doctor speaking with his patient

Integrating Environmental Management of Asthma into Pediatric Health Care

NEEF’s newest study Integrating Environmental Management of Asthma into Pediatric Health Care: What Worked and What Still Needs Improvement.
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Pediatric Asthma Faculty Champions Initiative

NEEF has a network of Pediatric Asthma Faculty Champions who are pediatric faculty members at leading academic institutions. In each of ten US regions, these pediatricians:

  • Take a leadership role in integrating environmental management of pediatric asthma into medical and nursing schools in a sustainable fashion
  • Train their colleagues, teach courses, provide expertise and support in their institutions and surrounding communities
  • Serve models for integrating environmental management of asthma into health professional education

If you are interested in finding out more about the Faculty Champions, or if you would like to arrange for an environmental management of pediatric asthma training in your region, please contact

NEEF Document and Resource

Diagnosis and Management of Pediatric Asthma Tool Card

This tool card highlights the federal priority recommendations and provides quick links and resources for asthma control.
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Asthma doctor

Asthma Environmental History Form

NEEF’s Environmental History for Pediatric Asthma Patient in English and Spanish is intended for use with children already diagnosed with asthma.
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Environmental Management of Pediatric Asthma

Guidelines for health care providers in English and Spanish aimed at integrating environmental management of asthma into pediatric health care.
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Family with Doctor

Improving Pediatrician Knowledge About Environmental Triggers for Asthma

Pediatricians reported a significant increase in knowledge about environmental triggers of asthma using NEEF's standardized PowerPoint presentation.
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Outdoor Activity
Learn from elders

Rx for Outdoor Activity

Prescription for Outdoor Activity is a tool pediatric health care providers can use to encourage children to spend more time being active in nature.
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Father and son at the pond

Get Into Nature for Better Health

A supplement to the Prescription for Outdoor Activity, NEEF's Patient Brochure in English and Spanish helps health care providers educate families about the benefits of spending time in nature.
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Children in field

Apps for Outdoor Activity

A supplement to the Patient Brochure, NEEF’s Apps for Outdoor Activity lists 10 free apps, providing children and their families ideas on where to go and what to do outdoors.
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Children and Nature Infographic (snippet)

Children and Nature

Check out this visual display of the current state of children and nature and how being active in nature can lead to improved health outcomes.
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Girl carrying pots

Rx for Outdoor Activity Training Presentation

This presentation summarizes key studies on the physical and mental health benefits of nature.
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Kids mountain biking

Children and Nature Initiative: Rx for Outdoor Activity Training Module

This training module features how to connect children and families to nature sites for outdoor activity.
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Children and Deer

Children's Health and Nature Fact Sheet

The Children's Health and Nature Fact Sheet contains highlights of published literature supporting the health benefits of nature.
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People walking in the park

Adult Health and Nature Fact Sheet

This fact sheet reviews the current state of adult health and published literature supporting the physical and mental health benefits of nature.
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