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Rx for Outdoor Activity

NEEF's Prescription for Outdoor Activity in English and Spanish is a tool pediatric health care providers can use to encourage children to spend more time being active in nature.

Outdoor Activity

The documented and undocumented benefits of interacting with nature are enormous. Outdoor activity can take many forms, from simply taking a long call in an outdoor setting, participating in a yoga class in a local park, or going for a hike in the mountains. NEEF's Children and Nature Initiative: Rx for Outdoor Activity focuses on preventing and managing health conditions that have been on the rise, such as obesity and attention-deficit disorder, by addressing sedentary lifestyle and physical inactivity. Connecting children and their families to nature can promote good health, enjoyment, and environmental stewardship. NEEF is educating health care providers and land managers around the country about these benefits of outdoor activity and connecting them in communities around the nation to prescribe safe and accessible nature opportunities for better health outcomes.

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Pediatric Environmental History

NEEF’s environmental history form draws from the medical literature and current best practices.
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Get Into Nature for Better Health

A supplement to the Prescription for Outdoor Activity, NEEF's Patient Brochure in English and Spanish helps health care providers educate families about the benefits of spending time in nature.
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Apps for Outdoor Activity

A supplement to the Patient Brochure, NEEF’s Apps for Outdoor Activity lists 10 free apps, providing children and their families ideas on where to go and what to do outdoors.
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Children and Nature Infographic (snippet)

Children and Nature

Check out this visual display of the current state of children and nature and how being active in nature can lead to improved health outcomes.
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Rx for Outdoor Activity Training Presentation

This presentation summarizes key studies on the physical and mental health benefits of nature.
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Fact Sheets
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Children's Health and Nature Fact Sheet

NEEF's comprehensive Children's Health and Nature Fact Sheet contains highlights of published literature supporting the health benefits of the natural environment.
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Adult Health and Nature Fact Sheet

This fact sheet reviews the current state of adult health and published literature supporting the physical and mental health benefits of nature.
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Children and Nature Initiative: Rx for Outdoor Activity Training Module

This training module features presentations about the link between childhood obesity and sedentary lifestyle, the scientific basis for the health benefits of nature, and how to connect children and families to nature sites for outdoor activity.
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Public Lands Every Day

Volunteering on public lands is a great way for kids and families to get outdoors together for stewardship, community building, and good health!
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Peer-Reviewed Articles
Children learning and observing at a creek bed

Using Nature and Outdoor Activity to Improve Children's Health

This article reviews the evidence of the mental and physical health benefits associated with time spent in a natural environment.
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