El Niño in a Warming World

El Niño events occur every two to seven years on average. Currently, one of the strongest El Niño events on record is occurring – it is expected to peak in winter and begin to weaken through spring 2016.

Weather + Climate

"Everybody talks about the weather," Mark Twain is said to have complained, "but nobody does anything about it." From hurricanes and heat waves to droughts and floods, these days there's a lot to talk about. But now we also know there's actually quite a lot we can do – if we do it together.

Consider: If every American turned off the tap while brushing their teeth, we'd save 900 billion gallons of water and cut water bills by $8 billion annually. And if every household replaced just one regular light bulb with an ENERGY STAR bulb, the carbon pollution that causes climate change would be cut by more than 5 billion pounds (saving $400 million annually). Multiply that by every bulb in our homes, and even something as simple as changing a light bulb can help to change the world.

Be a world changer. Learn more about weather and climate by exploring the topics below.

Jay bird in a backyard

Show Some Love for Birds this Weekend

Each year, volunteers tally the birds they see in backyards, parks, and natural areas.
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Golden Eagle Nest

Birds are Late for a Very Important Date

Migratory birds rely on their internal biological clocks to tell them when to arrive to and depart from breeding grounds.
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Drought at the Lake

Online Course: Dealing with Drought

Droughts are among the most expensive natural disasters: harming agriculture, the economy, and human health.
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Man in sweater adjusts thermostat

Resolve to Save

Looking for some manageable resolutions this year? Why not resolve to save—energy, water, fuel, time, and money!
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A 'Blue Marble' image of the Earth

Understanding Climate Change

More than 97% of climate scientists have concluded human-caused climate change is happening.
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