Weather + Climate

"Everybody talks about the weather," Mark Twain is said to have complained, "but nobody does anything about it." From hurricanes and heat waves to droughts and floods, these days there's a lot to talk about. But now we also know there's actually quite a lot we can do—if we do it together.

Consider: If every American turned off the tap while brushing their teeth, we'd save 900 billion gallons of water and cut water bills by $8 billion annually. And if every household replaced just one regular light bulb with an ENERGY STAR bulb, the carbon pollution that causes climate change would be cut by more than 5 billion pounds (saving $400 million annually). Multiply that by every bulb in our homes, and even something as simple as changing a light bulb can help to change the world.

Be a world changer. Learn more about weather and climate by exploring the topics below.

Hummingbird hawk-moth

Protecting Pollinators

Have you thanked a pollinator today? Globally, about 1,000 plants we depend on for food and products need to be pollinated by animals.
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Bumblebee on a purple flower

The Buzz on Climate Change

Honey bee populations in the United States add more than $15 billion in value to agricultural crops each year through pollination.
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Algal bloom in Lake Erie

Harmful Algal Blooms: What Are They, and What Can You Do About Them?

Harmful algal blooms can be found across the country. Learn more about how to spot these dangerous phenomena and what to do if you see them.
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Algal bloom

Harmful Algal Blooms Blooming

Algal blooms impact water quality and have the potential to produce toxins that can harm humans, pets, and wildlife.
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Man fly fishing on a river

Celebrate Rivers

June is National Rivers Month! Rivers provide us with drinking water, a boost to the economy, and important ecosystems and food sources.
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Bridge on the Delaware River

A River Ran Through It

Climate change impacts the quality and quantity of water in US rivers. Observed and projected changes variably affect regional water resources.
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 Mosquito aedes aegypti, transmissor de vírus

Beyond the Bite: Mosquitoes, Ticks, and Disease

Insects that carry disease, like mosquitoes and ticks, are more likely to be out and about in the warmer weather.
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A dangerous parasite and infection carrier mite sitting on a green leaf

Increased Distributions of Mosquitoes and Ticks

A vector-borne disease is one that is transmitted by a living organism (fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes) between humans or from animals to humans.
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Family in the sun

Stay SunWise this Memorial Day Weekend!

To kick off this Memorial Day weekend, celebrate #DontFryDay with the relaunch of SunWise and practice smart sun protection!
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Couple eating ice cream with their dog

Extreme Heat and Your Health

Extreme heat is a leading cause of weather-related deaths in the US.The number of extreme heat events continues to rise and will be more intense.
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Close-up of a bicycle


May is National Bike Month and May 14-28 is Bike to Work Week. Between 2000 and 2013, bicycle commuting rates in the United States increased by 62%.
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Road closed in downtown Cleveland

Transportation Disruptions

Besides contributing to a changing climate, the transportation system in the United States will also be negatively affected by climate disruptions.
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